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Meet the founder & chief executive

Anthony Curtis 

Hailing from the vibrant streets of the South side of Chicago, Anthony Curtis knows adversity firsthand. His early life was painted with challenges, growing up in a turbulent home with a resilient single mother at its helm. Navigating the school of hard knocks as both student and professor, Anthony found himself hustling for survival.


Once a source of turmoil in his community, he has since become its beacon of hope. After all, who better to mend the cracks than one who understands them deeply? At the pivotal age of 21, Anthony’s journey took a transformative turn. 

The following years saw him embracing a myriad of impactful roles: a compassionate community leader, an inspiring youth pastor, a licensed minister, the dedicated executive director of the Youth Violence Prevention Network for four cherished years, and an entrepreneur breathing life into his ventures.


His accolades also include being an extreme execution certified life coach. Beyond his professional endeavors, Anthony is anchored by his personal life – being a devoted husband to his radiant wife and a loving father to their four beautiful children. Indeed, Anthony’s life is a testament to resilience and redemption, making him a true walking miracle. 

 Guided by an unwavering faith and an unyielding drive, Anthony aspires daily to be his best self—for his family, his community, and his Creator. At his core is a burning passion to catalyze change and empower others to pave their own transformative paths. With dreams that stretch beyond the horizon, Anthony is on a mission: to weave a harmonious bridge of unity connecting corporate, educational institutions, and the community, creating a world where all thrive together.

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