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i am unstoppable - mentorship program

The objective of this program is to break the cycle of the school-to-prison pipeline that disproportionately affects African Americans and indigenous youth.


We achieve this by pairing young individuals with mentors from diverse fields, offering civic education to empower them as advocates for change, and prioritizing early intervention with elementary students and staff.


By taking these preventative actions, we believe we can directly contribute to ending mass incarceration and creating a more equitable society.

Academic Success

Connecting young individuals with mentors from various professional backgrounds helps prepare them for academic success.


The program connects students with mentors to:


1. Inspire academic goals.

2. Build confidence.

3. Provide academic guidance.

4. Encourage critical thinking.

5. Develop soft skills.

6. Explore new interests.

7. Establish a support network.


Overall, it equips students for academic success.


Civic Education Course:

In this course, students gain insights into the justice system and legislative processes through interactions with professionals like judges, lawyers, and legislators. By fostering these connections, students develop an appreciation for the vital roles these figures play in ensuring community safety and safeguarding their rights. It lays the foundation for an informed and engaged citizenry.


Protest Course:

Empowering students to become agents of change, the protest course focuses on the significance of peaceful, organized protests. It encourages students to identify issues within their school or community and equips them with the tools to express their concerns constructively. By participating in activities like creating signs and engaging in negotiations, students learn that their voices matter and that collective action can lead to positive outcomes. These courses aim to inspire and prepare the next generation to be informed, engaged, and proactive members of their communities.

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