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Spring into Action Cleanup

King County has a pervasive homeless issue with make-shift homeless encampments throughout cities, especially around businesses in urban areas. These encampments are littered with trash, debris, drug paraphernalia, etc. The encampments are also a safety and health issue for the communities where they are located as well. Many are located in marginalized communities, which already has its share of problems, placing further strain on human and social resources. Moreover, they are known to be high crime and drug use areas, unsanitary and drive away customers negatively impact businesses especially small mom and pop businesses owned by people of color. Clean-up events are held quarterly community at selected sites throughout South King County. We outreach throughout the vicinity to recruit clean-up volunteers from the neighborhood, local businesses, community and city leaders. We also generate interests and leads on potential clean-up sites on our social media platforms, website and word of mouth. Spring Into Action Community Clean Up furthers the mission of the organization.

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