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UPS supports BEC through monetary donations, volunteerism, and also via the UPS Giving site, UPS Community Connections (add Benevity link). This link is dedicated to UPS members who wish to support our work.




We allocated $35,000 to Community Passageways from a grant that UPS awarded to us in recognition of the community work we’ve undertaken. This grant signifies UPS’s support for our efforts in the community and allows us to further our impactful work with Community Passageways.




The Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Business Resource Group (BRG) supports us by volunteering for our Bridging the Gap (BTG) programs and providing monetary sponsorship. We stand together in collaborative partnerships and solidarity.

Laura Lane | About UPS. Laura Lane is UPS’s Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer.

Amanda Catala is a Regional Community Relations Manager at UPS, The UPS Foundation, and
the Chair for UPS's Northwest AAPI BRG and Asian Business Resource Group (ABRG).


Leo Ramirez is a Regional Community Relations Manager at UPS and The UPS Foundation.

Kate Kane is U.S. Operations Corporate Training and Retention Manager at UPS.


Esther Ndichu is a former UPS Vice President of Public Affairs


Miyako Kline tukwila local sort Building manager 


Matthew Beals Tukwila local sort Manager 

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