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why we exist-

cus' we really help black families

African Americans in King County, WA are subjected to systemic, disproportionate racial discrimination in all key sectors of society, compounded with institutional sanctioned policies, practices and historical trauma that continues to negatively impact the stability and growth of the Black community in this present day. King County’s The Race Gap Report (2020) acknowledges that the county has played a role in perpetuating the ever-widening generational inequities/inequalities targeting communities of color.

The result is persistent disparities that impede the stability and growth of African American residents. Black Equality Coalition, a newly formed nonprofit organization in Washington State, was created to promote the advancement of equality, justice and inclusion of African Americans in King County and beyond, by strengthening African American communities and marginalized populations through awareness, education, outreach, networking, resources,

community events and services.


The objectives of our programs and activities are working towards our mission. The vision of Black Equality Coalition (BEC) is that the African American and marginalized communities we serve will be active participants, contributors and vested partners in the organization.


When community-based organizations partner with community, residents not only develop leadership skills and social/cultural agency, but also transition into community influencers and leaders. Consequently, we are intentional that our programs and activities build, support and empower community.

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