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bridging the gap (btg) programs

The Black Equality Coalition is currently separated into five events, which are the main structure of the Bridging the Gap (BTG) program. The Bridging the Gap program is composed of the ‘Back to School Supply Drive’, ‘Thanksgiving Food Drive’, ‘Adopt a Family’, Lori’s Closet’ and "I Am Unstoppable" mentoring program.

Starting this year and continuing into the future, all of our BTG programs will be dedicated to serving the families who are actively participating in our “I am unstoppable mentorship program.” Within this mentorship program, we focus on guiding at-risk youth towards a brighter future. Additionally, we work in partnership with their parents, offering collaborative support and making use of any available resources we can provide, such as assistance with food, clothing, rental expenses, career opportunities, and more. This holistic approach aims to empower both the youth and their families to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

The I Am Unstoppable Mentorship Program with Panther Lake Elementary in Federal Way, WA strives to create a platform for students to be heard; to fill in the gap that exists for Black students and their exposure to career, education and life experiences.

All the clothes in Lori’s Closet come from generous folks in our community. Every shirt, jacket, or pair of shoes makes a difference. If you’ve got clothes in good shape or can help out in any way, we’d be so grateful. It’s all about coming together and making our community stronger.

Spring into Action events are centered around the partnership and cleaning up of Safeway on 3rd Ave in Renton, WA. We will also be pursuing new corporate partnerships to implement this impactful strategy. 

The final cleanup for the Spring into Action program is structured as a “Block Party” event. BEC invites local black/minority owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and community organizations to come out and display their business products and services for free to the city of Renton.

The ‘Back to School Supply Drive’ is aimed at providing underprivileged families in the greater Seattle Metropolitan area. Students ranging from elementary to high school are equipped with supplies in order to be ready for a new scholastic year.


This year the Black Equality Coalition has partnered with Young Black and Brilliant as well as TAF@Saghalie as our target audience of sponsorship. In past years, B.E.C has partnered with school districts in Kent, Tacoma, Seattle and Renton to provide necessary school supplies to students for a new school year.

African Americans have some of the highest rates of chronic disease in King County and the nation. The death rates associated with these diseases are also very high too. Eating a poor diet can have numerous negative impacts and most Americans do not have a healthy diet. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and obesity are chronic conditions linked to an unbalanced diet. Eating healthy can be challenging, especially when it’s not a natural habit and one’s health is likely to suffer the consequences.

adopt-a-family Christmas

The final facet of the Bridging the Gap program is the ‘Adopt a Family’ event. The Adopt a Family event’s purpose is centered on bringing Christmas gifts to struggling families in need. In past years the Black Equality Coalition has partnered with local non-profits to sponsor up to 10 families for this event, with the number of sponsored families growing each year.


The majority of gifts collected for the Adopt a Family event are brought in via donations from volunteers, corporate sponsorship, and private donors. At the end of the collecting period the gifts are then hand wrapped by Black Equality Coalition members/supporters and delivered to the families for Christmas.

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