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see, What had happened was...

At the heart of the pandemic, through all the police brutality and hardship, Anthony Curtis and his coworkers were feeling a profound sense of undervaluation and suppression within their workplace at UPS. This period was characterized by what felt like business as usual, even amidst the nationwide emotional turmoil. They were overwhelmed by an overwhelming sense of inhumanity within their workplace.

For almost three days, Anthony chose to remain silent, a powerful form of protest. During this time, he wore shirts that were a direct reflection of the emotions churning within him. His silence was his way of drawing attention to the deeply unsettling reality they all faced.

After two and a half days of this profound silence, something began to change. His supervisor and the building manager recognized the gravity of the situation and, in a commendable display of empathy, offered him a platform to vocalize the pain and frustration he had been harboring. It was a turning point, not just for him but for a few other Black co-workers who had been silently enduring their own struggles.

This was the spark that ignited our journey towards creating the organization that stands strong today as the Black Equality Coalition. With the support of like-minded colleagues and the newfound willingness to confront the issues at hand, we began organizing, determined to bring about change and address the injustices we had experienced. Our collective effort has grown into a powerful force for advocating equality, justice, and understanding, serving as a testament to the power of solidarity in the face of adversity.

Through our collective voices and actions, we hope to reshape not only our workplace but also society at large, ensuring that the pain and injustice we witnessed following George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor’s and many others that were murdered at the hands of law enforcement never go unnoticed or unchallenged again. The Black Equality Coalition is a testament to the strength that can emerge when individuals unite to confront injustice and create a better future for all.

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